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Every artist, at some point in their career, wishes to release their own artistic album. It's like a splendid dream, a journey back in time where daily work in the studio becomes tangible. To see five years of rigorous efforts compressed into a single album is a significant achievement. 


For me, this process - "Stages," means going through multiple phases. These stages represent turning points in my artistic journey, and each of them is like a new chapter in my story. Maturing as an artist isn't just about developing my techniques and skills; it's also about the profound discovery of my own artistic voice.


Through "Stages" and the validation from art critics is the confirmation that I've succeeded in conveying something deep and meaningful through my creations. "Stages" shapes my identity as an artist, a journey filled with passion, discovery, and satisfaction that propels me to move forward and explore new horizons of my creativity.

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